Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Believe About Death

Some people have asked what I believe about death.  I could answer that I have no idea.  But that's a little too simplistic of an answer.  It is true: I have no idea what will happen.  And I look forward to finding out.  Now that I can't learn much more here, it is what I look forward to; although I worry about what I have forgotten to write.  I do hope that something resembling the Christian faith is true.  I consider myself an Agnostic with a bit of Probability, Truth, and Uncertainty (as in the Certainty Series), and with a strong Christian bent.

I pray that if there is a God, he will help me listen and be strong, and I pray various prayers for others.  I have realized that there's tons of prayers I have just for people I know, and that it's kind of unfair to be praying for only the people I know, so I’ve shifted to a prayer about the world.  I often pray just after going to bed go to bed when I'm pretty tired and spacey.  But maybe it's better that way, in that I’m more “in tune.”

But all that doesn't answer the main question: will I be awake after death, and if so where.  And I don't have the slightest idea.  But if the Christian faith is correct, I believe I’ll “sleep” until the final resurrection, after with I'll enter the afterworld.  In this paragraph let us assume that the Christian faith is true.  Given my reading of the Synoptic Gospels, I believe Jesus would not turn down a man such as me.  A couple of the men such as me were among the Twelve Apostles.  See Thomas.

C.S. Lewis believed that the seriousness with which a person seeks the answers has the most significance.  I think this position was made more or less clear in Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Miracles, although I don't recall reading more than The Problem of Pain.

So if the Christen God is true, I believe that I will enter the “afterlife” what ever that may be.

It's difficult to write nowadays so this will become more difficult and interesting as I fade.  My mother is helping me more and more.  This is great but also I don't have my true voice, she can figure it out but it's more filtered through her words.

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