Sunday, March 23, 2008

Past and Present

So I'm filling out the preliminary paperwork for my 3-4 hours of neuropsychological eval on Wednesday morning. Neuropsych evals are always exhausting but fun: they give me puzzles and observe how I solve them. It's fun to watch their confusion as they test me and after they have processed the results. I'm like a mouse: they think they are testing me, but in reality I am testing them! :)

Oops, my train of thought got derailed for a moment there. "Does it seem that you are more easily distracted?" Check! The point is that in this paperwork they ask for past and present hobbies/interests. Here's my list in progress:

Past: soccer, swimming, ice skating, sailing, oil painting, singing, DJing, gaming
Present: cooking, writing, PT, having pictures taken of my brain, riding my tricycle (chicks dig my ride!), learning to do old things in new ways... oh and hats!

Y'know, there aren't as many hats for men as there are for women. I recently received a catalog of clothes for geriatrics (mostly women). Some of those old lady dresses look pretty comfy and there are hats to go with them. Maybe I'll have to start cross dressing! or.. something... Where was I? Oh yah:

What are your past and present lists? How have they changed and why? (Post a comment!)

Oh goody, they ask me to list all my meds and give me less than a line.

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