Thursday, July 19, 2007

Web 2.0 is the new browser wars

This morning I ended up reading a ton of blog posts about things like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, etc. So called "Web 2.0" stuff, which is a label I had dismissed as a horrible buzzword. But I realized that all these platforms are really trying to do the same thing: hosting and manipulation of online identities and private, public, and semi-public data. The problem is there are no standards yet. Each platform reinvents the wheel, making "Web 2.0" platform-dependent - exactly the opposite of what was intended. Hopefully this is just a natural process that will eventually settle on some sort of open standards, but it sure is a mess right now and reminds me of "the browser wars."


Anonymous said...

Dude - I am building a platform on which others can build. A single Internet-based hdd system and community features all on an open API. Much cooler than MySpace. ;)

Krasniy said...

Wow, apparently I have a blogger display name! Anyhow, I saw Lakshya on your favourite movie list. I love that movie! Nick and I saw Guru recently. It's really good, and I like it better than Lakshya in some ways. You should see it if you haven't yet.

Krasniy said...
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