Sunday, June 15, 2008

Homes and Hearts

The saying is "Home is where the heart is." Is "is" symmetric? If home is where the heart is, then is the heart where home is? What if you have many distant homes? Is your heart then torn in little pieces and scattered across the globe?

Ooh.. My mother just got home with some fresh whole spices for me to play with! I think a few heart fragments may have just shifted a little bit.

But more seriously, I think maybe I'll be staying up here in WA for a couple months rather than the couple weeks that I had planned on. This is partially because of the heat in CA in the Summer, and also because I'm tapering up on a new med. So I don't really know when I'll return. I really want to at least try the prelims at the end of the Summer, and I want to be back in time to say bye to people who are moving on. But who knows. I just have to live my life month by month, week by week, day by day, heartbeat by heartbeat.

(hmmm.. English syntax messes up all sorts of symmetric properties)

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Anonymous said...

Very touching. I hope you enjoy your spices!