Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Samsung On Accessibility

Ok, first of all, the format of this email is obnoxious. And what does "corporate decision not a local one" mean in this context? The link provided is unilluminating and refers to the main Samsung page for information on product accessibility. The main Samsung page is what I have a problem with. Also, they do not at all conform to the standards of Section 508 as far as I can tell, although it is difficult to discern what they are claiming.

Hi Josh:

The flash was a corporate decision not a local one. For our position on accessability [sic] for disabled persons go to
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Subject: Accessibility for Disabled Persons

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[Subject] Accessibility for Disabled Persons

The Samsung web site is not very friendly to those with disabilities. In particular, it seems to be primarily made up of Flash content, witch is horribly unfriendly and proprietary. Could you please provide an explanation for this, and Samsung's general policy about accessibility.

I do commend you for providing appropriate 'alt' tags on image submission links for this form, but I wonder why images are at all useful for this.

Thank you.

Joshua Gooding

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